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Travel the Pacific Ocean

Me and my good friend Sandra, traveled to Vanuatu in the South Pacific Island. The language here is french or Pitcairn-English as they call it. The people there is very friendly and I don´t think there is much crime committed in that island.

However, the capital of the Island Efate is Port Vila,  a lazy little town with a very short main street;) Takes 10.minutes maybe to walk through the entire city, or even less maybe. Due to this I would recommend to travel around the entire Island by car or quad bike, which is approximately around 135-140km. You can also rent a “bus” with a driver, but the price is high. Around 120 dollars.

Touristtip: The transport on the Island do all look the same, but if you look closely on their numberplate the busses has a little B in the corner and the taxies has a little T, the taxis is around 3 times higher in price than the busses. You should not pay more than around 150 Vanuatu with the bus to get from one place to another.



You will drive past coconuts plantations were people climb the trees with their big knife. We found out that it was not that usual to go to the other side of the Island, as electricity is only in Port Vila. And people working in the villages looked very surprised when they saw two girls, they even asked if we where part of a helping organisation since we were not following the tourist sheep trails.

DCIM100GOPROG0171003. DCIM100GOPROG0171011.



Behind the waterfalls

We also went to Mele Cascades, the beautiful waterfalls. This is highly recommended as it is natures own “Wet and Wild” in its natural habitat.

DCIM100GOPROG0211030. DCIM100GOPROG0231036.

The name Vanuatu, actually means “home” and the motto of the Island is similar to the US, in good we trust.

DCIM100GOPROG0241042. DCIM100GOPROG0251048.Waterslide:) So fun!


A Pearl in the Pacific Ocean – Vanuatu

I think my all time favorite have finally been found.

Vanuatu – In the pacific ocean, just listen to the sound of the name it says it all. It is close to Fiji, and the nature is particulare the same. However, there are not as many tourist here, which makes it a little treasure in itself.

 Blue Lagon – the closest you get to be Tarzan for a day. bluelagon2bluelagon1 Jump:)Bluelagon3 So Fun!vanuatu11

Beautiful sunsets.

And all kinds of activities you just can dream about


Brisbane – Australia

Time to write something about my hometown, which I think is absolutely fantastic:) Sometimes I wonder, if it really will be possible to move back home to Norway? Sorry to say so, but I haven`t missed my country for 1.second, only family and friends.  I love living in an international community with different cultures, diversity suits me perfectly:) It kind of calms down my constant restlessness, which really are a good thing I guess. However, I will live in this moment for now and just enjoy whatever great opportunities  Australia throws at me:) IMG_5342 This picture is actually 2. minutes from where I live – these parrots have a fav tree. 10374941_10154233622410571_5810123439249010605_n

Brisbane has the best of two worlds, both the urban feeling with skyscrapers and the vibrant city vibe but also this charming relaxed side in Southbank parkland.



10423719_10154233641880571_3503612801766935782_nSouthbank Parklands


 Southbank Parklands




View from the other side of town.

10369733_10154233620195571_2482558764684661030_nNice walls

That`s it for now:)


Aussie Livin`

Hi you guys, about time I update you.


Have been in this magnificent country for about two months now. Absolutly love the culture here, with the BBQ, the friendliness (alway someone to help you if you are stuck in some sort of way- and that happens!;-)), the weather, my flatmate Wendy from Hong-Kong which I share house with (recon here as a aussie though, she`s been here for 17 years).She is probably on of the most enterprising person I have ever meet.





Hallo alle dere som følger meg på mitt år i utlandet.

Har vært her rundt 2.måneder nå, og som forventet er kulturen her fantastisk. Veldig vennligsinnet, været er bra, og har virkelig fått et annet syn på hva en skikkelig griller er. Her leker man ikke grillmester, det er ligger mye prestisje i det å ha den beste teknikken på å “flip the burgers”. Deler hus med en fra Hong-Kong som jeg tror må være en av de mest driftige personene jeg noen gang har møtt. Jobber glatt 50 timer pluss i uka, samt trener så og si hver dag og er ute på farten ellers.



The authentic burmesian world

Once upon a time there was this mysterious and forbidden land in the east. A land where no man from outside countries where allowed to explore. The land of Buddhas, pagodas, and munks, where the people where controlled by the the strictly harsh goverment keeping an eye on every move. To make sure no rules where broken and if they where you would pay for it with your own life.

Borrowed from www.unpo.org

Picture above Borrowed from http://www.unpo.org.

Luckily this is shifting an the boarders are now open. In 2012 1.million foreginers visited Burma, in 2013, 2 millions and in 2014 aprox 3.millions and still raising. By other words go before it`s to late and before it is touristified like the rest of Asia.



The people living there are very nice to tourist and they are always on alert to help or serve you. We did not see nor experience any kind of criminality or unpleasent behaviour.


As you can see in this video the children was very happy if they got your attention.


For faa aar siden var det utenkelig aa kunne ra til Burma. Landet som har et massivt utvalg av Buddhaer, pagodaer og munker. Landet har vaert strengt regulert av sterk kommunisme blant landets ledere  og den millitante juntaen.  Etter landet aapnet for innsyn for turister har antall besokende gaatt fra 1.million i 2012 til forventet 3.milioner i 2014.



Vi verken saa eller opplevde noe kriminellt  noe gang . Og alle var veldig opptatt av aa hjelpe deg om man stod fast. Spesiellt barna elsket aa faa litt oppmerksomhet,15 sekunder i rampelyset om du vil.



Yangon is also the home of one of the worlds largest Buddhas, made it impossible to film it in one picture.

From Bagan to Mandalay by boat

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” Buddha.                                                                                                                  imageInstead of going with bus or plane we went by boat from Bagan to Mandalay. By choosing this option you will be able to see the life along the riverbed. BUT! Be prepared to be patient, our boattrip supposed to last for 10 hours, became 14;-) This is because the water is so shallow and twice we got stuck in the ground.                                      image http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOpPHKYcto8.                                        image Norwegian: Istedet for å ta fly eller buss som er mest vanlig til neste destinasjon tok vi båt. Det ga en fin mulighet til å se livet langs elvebredden og livet til de som har levebrødet sitt i nettopp elven. Men! Vær forberedt på å bli forsinka. Vi kom fram 4 timer seinere enn det som var beregnet, en tur på 14.timer. Dette er fordi det er så grundt noen steder og vi satt fast 2 ganger.

Bagan by bike – Myanmar

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become”                                                         Buddha.                                                                                                                           Bagan consists of Pagoda heaven, nowhere else in the world will you find this density of sacred buildings in one single setting. It’s approximately 2230 Pagodas here.                                                                                                             –                                                                                                                                                 We rented e-bikes because of the easyness getting around with it. (Or you can use regular bike if you prefer that.) This is a great way to explore the city at your own pace. As you can see by the picture, this is the place to go for a airballoon ride. Every morning around sunset you can see this sight.



20140112-022049.jpgThe most famous Pagoda in Bagan is Shwezigon, inside it’s 4 large 10.meter high gold Buddhas.



We also drove as far away for the city as possible into Nyuang. Here in this poor area we met a welcoming family, who invited us in for lunch. The lunch was consisting of boiled peanuts and beans. It tasted surprisingly good.:-) I asked what the average salary was for one day, and if you were lucky you might get up to 3000khat. (Aprox:3.dollars or 18nkr.).           imageimage                                       Norwegian: Byen i midt Burma er kjent for sine pagodaer. Og det er over 2000 av de her. Ingen andre steder i verden finner du så mange og så stor tetthet av hellige bygninger på et sted. Inne den mest kjente i denne byen, Shwezigon pagodaen er det 4 kjempe Buddhaer i gull på over 10.meter.

Love this floor inside the pagoda.
Love this floor inside the pagoda.

image                             Vi kjørte også så langt vi kunne komme fra hovedbyen til Nyuang som er den fattige delen av Bagan. Her ble vi bedt på lunch hos en svært vennligsinned familie (og også ganske nysgjerrige.) hvor vi fikk kokte peanøtter og bønner. En smart måte å få i seg nok kalorier på.:-) De fortalte at gjennomsnittslønnen var ca 18kr dagen om man var heldig.imageimage

Scooter time:-)
Scooter time:-)

The Dead Sea – Jordan

                                “Water is the driving force in nature.”                                                                     Leonardo Da Vinci

When in Jordan we went for a daytrip to The Dead Sea.:-)


And of course it was almost impossible to swim there because of all the salt forcing the body’s gravity into horizontal.  Fun to experience:-)


As all the other tourists we made our own “Day-SPA” using the clay that supposed to be sooo good for you;-)

408686_10151089246275571_1083576313_n 390198_10151089231955571_1916644318_n

Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

“Every experience you have is vital for the evolutioconsciousness”                                                                      Author Unknown

Rio De Janiro is a wonderfull place. Especially I loved the hippie markeds, where I felt at home;-)


The city is South Americas New York by that I mean, it never sleeps. We had some exciting days there and it will be fun to watch both The Worldcup in Fotball and the Olympic Games the next years from this vibrant city.


We also used the oppertunity to see Rio from the air;-) Loved it!


Rio De Janeiro Pictures:


Team Superb in The land of Faraos – Egypt

” Observe the wonders as they occure around you. Don`t claim them.                                    Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.”                                           Rumi

Went to Egypt with one of my favorite travel friends 🙂 She is always in a good mood, great to travel with and together we are Team Superb;-) A buddy was also on the trip and we went to Sharm El Sheikh as charter tourists. Here we stayed at an incredibly great place close to the water, gorgeous!


One of the nights I took the night bus alone up to Cairo because I wanted to see the Pyramids when I was in Egypt.



Something I did not regret! Although I hardly slept on the bus who  went so fast with subsequent brakings. Tried to lie along two seats and ended up on the floor several times, but it was still the most comfortable sleeping position;-)


Seeing the Pyramids was very fascinating, and I also liked that you could go so far into the ground inside them. Who knows if there are still some treasures in there that have not yet been found? Like that thought;-)


One of the other days went Silje and I out to a Bedouin village in the desert, while Erik was left to soak up the sun;-) It was a very beautiful landscape and the Bedouins (obvious touristmachins) Was very nice. And I choose to believe that it was genuine.





Dro til Egypt med en av mine favoritt reisevenner og en kompis. Det er fordi hun er alltid i godt humør, flott og reise med og sammen er vi Team Suveren;-)


Making our own Starbuck Coffee, Yeei!:-)
Making our own Starbuck Coffee, Yeei!:-)


Det angret jeg abbsolutt ikke på! Selv om jeg nesten ikke sov noe på selve bussturen som gikk i dundrende fart med tilsvarende bråbremsning. Prøvde å ligge langs to seter og havnet stadig vekk på gulvet, men det var allikevel den mest komfortable sovestillingen;-)


Synes pyramidene var veldig fasinerende, og likte også at man kunne gå så mange ganger langt ned i jorda inni de. Montro om det fortsatt finnes noen skatter der inne som enda ikke er funnet??


En av de andre dagene dro Silje og jeg ut til en beduinlandsby i ørkene, mens Erik ville være igjen å slikke sol;-) Her var det veldig vakkert landskap og beduinene som selvfølgelige er turistmaskiner på mange måter var veldig hyggelige. Og jeg velger å tro at det var genuint.